Here’s Deviant Marketing’s philosophy: No selfies. No trying to go viral. Just innovative marketing for lawyers in two fundamental steps: (1) target the right people and (2) convert those people into clients.

This ad targeted people already in the divorce process who were likely going to trial. Using creative imagery and messaging, it converted enough people into clients in a month to pay for this firm’s marketing for over a year. That’s what Deviant Marketing does.

Why should you hire Deviant Marketing?

If you want to look and sound like every other lawyer, hire one of our competitors.

We help firms that have something to say. Firms who want to make a difference. And firms who aren’t afraid taking chances.

You will not succeed in marketing your firm if you follow someone else’s formula, no matter how successful it was for them. You need creativity. You need innovation. You need a new approach. You need to market like a deviant.

We know. We were founded by a lawyer who built and sold a law firm in 4 years. How? His firm doubled in revenue every year for 4 straight years through digital marketing.

Bottom line, we know how to build and market a successful law firm because we’ve actually done it. As a result, we understand what marketing approaches law firms need better than any other legal marketing firm.

If you want marketing that makes you money, marketing that is different, marketing that is deviant, then let’s talk and see if we’re a good match to work together.

Deviant Marketing Founder Andrew G. Vaughn (Drew Vaughn) featured in the ABA Journal for innovative uses of algorithms in the law.
Deviant Marketing’s Founder, Drew Vaughn in the ABA Journal for innovative uses of algorithms in law. (FYI – he has no idea what those formulas are. The ABA photo-shopped those in behind him.)

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