No selfies. No trying to go viral. Just innovative online marketing for lawyers in two fundamental steps: (1) target the right people and (2) convert those people into clients.

(1) Targeting: How to Market to the Right People

Geo-Targeting: You can market to people based on where they are right now (or where they have been recently). We marketed exclusively to people in the hospital (or who’d recently been in the hospital) for an injury firm out of Las Vegas and generated $9,000,000 of injury cases in a single month. Bottom line, with online marketing for lawyers, if there is anywhere your clients congregate (a conference, a jail, a sporting event), you can market to them using geo-targeting.

Demographic Targeting: You can market to people based on their demographics: age, gender, income, wealth, and other identifying information. For example: an estate planning attorney in Nashville could market to all 1.3 million people who live in the Nashville area. Or, that estate planning attorney could use demographic data to market exclusively to couples who just had a baby (and likely need new estate planning documents) and who make over $100,000 per year. Then they don’t need to market to 1.3 million people, they only need to market to 5,800. We used this technique for a tax attorney in Alabama. He generated as many clients in a month as he typically did in a year.

Data Based Targeting: What if you could predict who would need a divorce attorney, or a DUI attorney, or any other kind of attorney? You can, with the right data. We used advanced data techniques for a divorce firm in Chicago and for $359 worth of ads, the divorce firm generated over $104,000 in revenue via initial retainers.

Like we said before: No selfies. No trying to go viral. Just innovative online marketing for lawyers in two fundamental steps: (1) target the right people and (2) convert those people into clients.

(2) Converting: How to Get the Right Clients to Hire You

Be Creative: People think all lawyers are the same. But if you can share your message in a creative way, people will remember you. We won Online Legal Ad of the Year in 2017 for this creative divorce ad. More importantly, it generated over $300,000 of business for the law firm.

Be Entertaining: In our younger days we went to some law school parties. So we know that lawyers aren’t boring. But for some reason their advertising is. That ends now. If you want clients, you need to get people to stop scrolling and look at you. The way we do that with our online marketing for lawyers, is to be entertaining. Here’s an ad that we ran for an employment law firm in North Carolina. It generated over 9,000 clicks to their website over Labor Day Weekend.

Be Relevant: Not all legal topics lend themselves to being funny. If someone’s child was just hurt, they don’t want a comedian for a lawyer. We get that. Sometimes the most relevant thing for a client is an instantaneous way to get in touch with a lawyer. Now. Like, RIGHT NOW.

Picture this: a woman’s son was just hurt on his bike. She’s sitting by the hospital bed trying to distract herself with her phone. She opens Instagram. She sees the ad below which includes a button to contact an attorney right now. She clicks the button, her name, her number and her e-mail are auto-filled into a form. She submits it and within 30 seconds you, a lawyer, have called her back. That’s not an imaginary story. As a key component of online marketing for lawyers, we have built out the tech to make that possible.

Lawyers and their teams can literally get a text, an email, or have a CRM completed instantaneously and they can be on the phone with that client in under a minute. By showing clients a relevant ad, like the one to the right, and by making your clients’ lives easy by using tech to allow you to respond to them immediately in their time of need, you will get more clients.

Our online marketing for lawyers will allow you to immediately interact with clients.

If you target the right people and give them something creative, entertaining, and relevant you will convert those people into clients.